The functions of the Directorate include the following:-

  • Rendering legal advice on proposed legislations and subsidiary legislations.
  • Preparing draft bills, draft amendment to existing legislations and subsidiary legislations such as regulations, Orders, Rules and other instruments for consideration by the Executive Council.
  • Preparing various Council Memoranda and notes used for legislations and presentation of proposed subsidiary legislations for the consideration and approval of the Executive Council (EXCO).
  • Vetting Draft Council memoranda in respect of Chieftaincy matters.
  • Proof-reading legislations and subsidiary legislations before final printing and publishing in the State Government’s Official Gazette.
  • Attending meetings and seminars on behalf of the Hon. Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice.
  • Representing the State Government in Litigation on Chieftaincy matters.
  • Rendering legal advice on Chieftaincy and allied matters.


  • Serves as the Secretariat of the Lagos State Advisory Council on the exercise of Prerogative of Mercy.
  • Officiates Swearing-In/Oath taking Ceremonies
  • Serve as Secretariat in respect of appointment and activities of Justices of the Peace in Lagos State. 


To ensure that:

(i)       Counsel are professionally at par with their contemporaries all over the world;

(ii)      To ensure that petitions forwarded by the members of the public are treated promptly.

(iii)     To ensure peaceful and swift transition by Chieftaincy Holders, by ensuring that due process is being followed.

(iv)     To ensure that Lagos State Laws are in line with International Practices


Bills passed to Law by the State House of Assembly –

  1. Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development 2015
  2. Lagos State Lands Registration Law 2015
  3. Lagos State Mortgage and Property (Amendment) Law, 2015
  4. Lagos State Health Management Agency Law 2015
  5. Lagos State Sports Trust Fund Law
  6. Review and Re-Enact the Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria Law
  7. Employment Trust Fund Law 2016
  8. Lagos State University (Amendment) Law 2016

Bills forwarded to Client Ministries for their comment and input before further processing – 9

Bills undergoing drafting process­- 5

Chieftaincy matters (briefs) treated by the Department for advisory or vetting of Council Memorandum – 115

The underlisted are cases handled by the Department and their status, within the period under review:

(a)      Cases with judgment                                          –          8

(b)      Cases with briefs yet to be filed by parties –          13

(c)       Cases dismissed                                                    –          4

(d)      Cases struck out                                                   –          9

(e)      Cases with brief filed                                          –           6

(f)       Cases on appeal                                                    –           5

(g)      Cases adjourned                                                   –          36

(h)      Cases yet to be assigned                                                –          19

(i)       Cases on trial                                                         –          12

(j)       Cases discontinued                                             –           4

(k)      Part heard cases                                                   –          3

(l)       Cases starting Denovo                                        –          2

(m)     Cases with Ruling delivered                            –           3


  1. Mrs. Susan Y. Kolawole –           Director
  2. Mr. Tunji Dawodu –           Director
  3. Mr. W.A. Quadri –           Deputy Director
  4. Mr. Afeez Abdullahi –           Chief State Counsel
  5. Mr. U. S. Danboyi –           Chief State Counsel
  6. ……

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