• Stakeholders’ workshop on Public Trustee Law
  • Review of Administration of Estates Law
  • Relocation of the Office
  • Training of Law Officers in Administration of Estate and Trust
  • Enlightenment Campaign


  • Represent and defend Estates in Court
  • Administer and equitably share / partition the assets of person(s) who die (with or without leaving a will), amongst qualified beneficiaries.
  • Obtain Letters of Administration in respect of estate under its management
  • Act as receivers or Administrators during the pendency of court cases so as to preserve the Estate from going to waste
  • Recover assets of the estate and settle justified claim against the estates of deceased person
  • Reseal Letters of Administration where the deceased has properties located outside the State, and manage same in the interest of the beneficiaries
  • Act on genuine complaint of cases of unrepresented assets of deceased person
  • Verify and disburse (in appropriate cases) death benefit to next of kin of Civil Servant who died in active service


  • Purchase of additional bus
  • KAI  Officers assigned to the Office
  • Re-possession of property from defaulting tenants
  • Draft  Administrator-General Law forwarded to Directorate of Legal Drafting
  • Process of Letters of Administration time lay reduced
  • Renovation of Estate  properties


  1. Mrs. M. B. Olaniyi             -  Administrator General and Public Trustee
  2. Mr A. Dawodu                    -  Director
  3. Mr. M. Olateju                    -  Assistant Director
  4. Mrs. O. O. Akinlosotu      -  Chief State Counsel
  5. Mrs.A. A. Olorunfemi -           Chief State Counsel
  6. Mr E. O. Bada -           Asst. Chief State Counsel
  7. Mrs. O.Oyegunle                                    -           Asst. Chief State Counsel
  8. MrW. A. Dauda -           Asst. Chief State Counsel
  9. Mrs. Y. A. Alebiosu -           Asst. Chief State Counsel
  10. Mr T. B. Boye -           Asst. Chief State Counsel
  11. Mrs. O. O. Balogun -           Principal State Counsel
  12. Mrs. B. Pearse -           Senior State Counsel
  13. Miss S. A. Elegushi -           Senior State Counsel
  14. Mrs. B. M. Olajide -           Senior State Counsel
  15. Miss O. Oridota -           Senior State Counsel
  16. Miss K.O Atanda -           Senior State Counsel
  1. Mrs. A. R. Haroun -           Assistant Chief Accountant
  2. Mr A. O. Akinyemi -           Senior Accountant  
  1. Mr A. A. Adeyela -           Chief Social Welfare Officer
  2. Mrs. A. O. Egbayelo -           Social Welfare 1           
  1. Mrs. I. O. Alaka -           LEES Asst.2
  2. Mr A. A. Salu                                 -           LEES Officer 2
  1. Mrs. O Banire-Shasanya -           Chief Clerical Officer
  2. Mr A. A. Yisa -           Chief Clerical Officer
  1. Mr K. Lasisi -           Chief Driver Mechanic
  2. Mrs. A. A. Ologunaredi                       -           Head Cleaner      
  1. Mrs. O. A. Bishi -           Counsel
  2. Miss O. O. Abikoye -           Counsel
  3. Mrs. A. O. Ayoku-Ekpenga -           Admin  Ministry
  4. Mrs. F. Amao -           Admin
  5. Mr. E. Oguntoyinbo -           Accounts
  6. Mr S. Azeez -           Accounts                           
  7. Mrs. M. O. Akindipe -           Secretary (to AG&PT)
  8. Mrs. F. B Akano -           Secretary Accounts                Staff
  9. Miss M. E. Edet -           Secretary                                   AG&PT
  10. Miss S. D. Idowu -           Data/Archive Analyst
  11. Mr. O. A. Adekeye -           Despatch Officer
  12. Mr. S. A. Adewumi -           Driver (AG&PT)
  TEMPORARY STAFF 13.Mr P. O. Olowolayiemo                 -           Clerical Officer   INDUSTRIAL TRAINING STUDENT
  1. Mr Y. B. Quadri                            -           Account Unit