The functions/duties of the Directorate are derived from the powers of the Attorney General  and Commissioner for Justice of  the Lagos State  being the Chief Law Officer of the State. This is to ensure that cases involving the Lagos State Government are resolved expeditiously, upholding the tenets of Justice in the process.

These include but not limited to:

Legal Research

  • In-depth research on
  • Relevant Laws
  • Relevant Gazettes
  • Judicial Authorities/Precedents
  • Client Ministries Activities
  • Investigating Claims/ Petitionsetc.
Preparation of COURT Processes

  • Legal Opinions
  • Originating and Defence Processes Affidavits
  • Briefs Writing
Court Attendance
Appearance in:

  • Magistrate Courts
  • Tribunals
  • State High Courts
  • Federal High Court
  • Court of Appeal
  • Supreme Court

  • Pre-trial Meetings
  • Meetings with Client Ministries
  • Bi- monthly Departmental Meetings where legal and other issues are discussed.
  • ADR Meetings with Parties when authorised.
  • As may be directed by the HAG.
Follow Up
Follow up on

  • Deliberations at meeting.
  • Liaison with Client Ministries/Departments/Agencies
Ad-hoc Duties
Counsel are engaged in a variety of ad-hoc duties

  • Preparation of various Reports/Memos
  • Feedback on Trainings/Workshop/Seminars
  • Representing the Ministry at various events.
  • Counsel from the Directorate also work in the office of the SGPS and HAG.