Human Rights Protection Unit

The Directorate has been able to impact positively in the preservation of Human Rights in all its facets.

The Unit is responsible for the protection and enforcement of fundamental rights of Residents in Lagos State where such rights are infringed upon, the unit is called upon to help redress sucheither by way of mediation or litigation.  The complaints couldbe by way of petitions and walk-ins.

Some of these complaints could be illegal arrest, illegal detention and forceful ejection of tenants, family matter (i.ehusband/wife inheritance e.t.c) police brutality, unlawful termination of appointment, delayed justice, illegal killings, rape, child defilement,e.t.c.

Employee/Employer/Industrial Safety/Workmen Compensation

The Directorate mediates between employers and employees over wrongful dismissal and non-payment of salaries and entitlement.

The Directorate also ensures through mediation adequate compensation on Industrial accidents where mediation fails, the Directorate files for compensation in court.

The Directorate also ensures that Employers provides necessary safety garget and equipment for their staff.

Disability Awareness And Protection

The Directorate is also responsible for ensuring that the rights of persons living with

physical challenges and disabilities are protected.



The core cardinal principles for consumer protection as highlighted by the United Nations Guidelines for consumer protection, as amended in 1990 are summarized as follows:-

  • Right to be informed
  • Rights to safety
  • Rights to choose
  • Right to be heard
  • Right to redress
  • Right to consumer education
  • Right to a healthy environment

The unit provides speedy redress to consumers on receipts of complaints, which could be by walk-in or petition through out of court settlement and other Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms/Processes.

  • Seeks ways of removing from the markets hazardous products and causing offenders to replace such products with more appropriate alternatives.
  • Obtain compensation, relief, safeguard for injured consumers
  • Applies to court to protect the Rights of Consumers, where necessary
  • Partners with manufacturers and provider of goods and services to create a consumer friendly society.
  • Collaborates with the Consumer Protection Council to address consumer issues.
  • It also embarks on periodical enlightenment to assist the public enforce consumer rights.



The concept behind the centre is to ensure effective and appropriate  implementation of the Child   Rights law of Lagos State. The setting up of the centre is in partnership with UNICEF, to cater for child offenders, child victims of sexual  abuse, assault as well as vulnerable children, orphans, and other forms of abuse.

The One Stop Child Justice Centre is a unit that aim’s to enlighten citizens on the responsibilities that they owe with respect to a child.

The unit through its response, ensures that all complaints with respect to a person below 18 year’s resident in Lagos is addressed as quickly as possible.  The Centre’s primary focus is to ensue that every child brought or referred to the Centre, goes through the system, with effective monitoring speedy resolution of cases in particular, children in conflict to the Law (child offenders).

The Centre has the duty of monitoring the prisons to ensure that children are not kept in prison with other adults.  Also children of  two (2 years) and above do not stay with their mother in prison but are placed with responsible  relative, registered orphanages or forester homes following due process of Law.



The Directorate collaborates with the Office of the Public Defender (OPD) and the Community Service Unit to ensure that Awaiting Trial Inmates (ATM’s) receive legal representation.  It also has the mandate to ensure that children under the age of 18 years are not kept in regular prisons.

The Directorate also interfaces between the Lagos State Government and prison authorities where necessary.



The Special Offences Court is a court of summary jurisdiction in the office of His Excellency with five magistrates sitting.The court sits over matters bothering on environmental matters such as assault, illegal rates collection, illegal  lotto offering operation, street trading, illegal hotel operation, nude dancing, child abandonment, rape etc.

Counsel from the Directorate for Citizen’s Rights at the taskforce represent and defend the indigents and those that come forward for assistance. This representation includes helping to perfect the bail bonds of those that pleaded not guilty and striking out matters that have been in court without diligent prosecution.

Betweenyear 2013 to 2015 about 5,430 defendants have been represented. Out of this number, some got fined for offences committed( which is a source of revenue for government). Some were remanded in custody upon conviction and released after serving their terms. Others were discharged and acquitted based on findings of the court.



This Directorate in collaboration with Lagos State Aids Control Agency ensures that the rights of people living or affected by HIV/AID are protected especially in their workplace.



The Lagos State Ministry of Justice established the Public Interest Defence Team with the sole aim of providing prompt legal assistance and humanitarian services to members of the public. The team is made up of legal officers from different departments in the Ministry of Justice. The team extracts matters that are of public interest from the Newspapers and deliberates on ways of resolving the issues.



The Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) was established in September 2014 to increase victim safety and offender responsibility by providing a cross jurisdictional response that is uniform in approach in sexual and gender based violence cases across Lagos State.

The Chairman of the team is the Honourable Attorney General of Lagos State with an alternate chairman in person of MRS. C. O. IBIROGBA, the Director (HOD) of the Directorate.